Zumuk ‘These Bandits Come With Big Trucks To Pack Our Foods & We Wonder Which Roads They Passed’

Zumuk 'These Bandits Come With Big Trucks To Pack Our Foods & We Wonder Which Roads They Passed'

Zumuk Kyaharan, a self-employed teacher from Plateau State’s Mangu Local Government area, voiced disappointment about the ongoing problem of robbers robbing the Mangu community of its food supplies. She described the large trucks these criminals arrive in, which raised questions about the effectiveness of the security systems in place as well as the routes they choose. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking about a particular event that happened at her grandmother’s house, Kyaharan emphasized the bandits’ deliberate gathering of food, highlighting the brazenness of these attacks and the need for increased security to protect the neighborhood. She made her main request to the security services, asking them to take action so that people in Mangu could sleep soundly.

Kyaharan questioned the perceived lack of security presence and effectiveness, particularly in light of the repeated assaults on various communities within the Mangu local government. She drew attention to the unsettling situation where community members find themselves suspicious of anyone entering their area due to the ongoing security challenges.

In an interview with AIT, she remarked, “They come and loot our foods. When they came to my grandma’s house, they had the time to pack out the food. These bandits come with big trucks to pack our foods and we wonder which road. they passed. And this goes back to the question of security. How did they come in their numbers and attack many communities? Where are our securities? Our number one appeal to the security is to let us feel safe sleeping in Mangu. it’s not fair that we are suspecting everybody coming into our community.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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