GIST: Please I Am Available for Any Man,I’m Ready To Pay My Own Dowry- A Desperate 45 Years Old Woman Cries Out

The lady said(Join this Group Chat if you need Relationship) she became very desperate to get hitched. She even offered to pay her own bride price as she indicated in a post she shared on social media.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The lady identified as(Join this Group Chat if you need Relationship) Stacy revealed that she missed having a man by her side that she even resorted to dating sites for a partner but she did not find any good one.

“A few years back I used to ignore men a lot thinking of my beauty. I took them for granted, even those who were very serious and wanted to settle with me, all I wanted was money and freedom, being a wife was kind of being confined.

“After hitting 40 plus the reality started to set in, I missed to have one guy to call my own, I badly wanted to get married,” she said.

The lady revealed she even vowed to pay the dowry for her husband if she managed to get one.

It’s not easy to find a responsible man these days and most of the responsible men out there want a tear rubber woman, If you know what I mean

“The beautiful ones are not yet born” the words of Ayi Kwei Armah have finally taken shape.

There are so many beautiful ladies out there with very few men to go around.

Let’s hope she find what she is looking for, and young girls out there shine your eyes so age doesn’t meet up with you while you are still waiting for Mr. Right.

Please manage the Mr left that comes your way and drag him to the right lol.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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