Yusuf said. “When I Come to ABJ, I See That Wike Is Doing a Good Job but When I Go Back Home, I See Poverty”

Yusuf said. "When I Come to ABJ, I See That Wike Is Doing a Good Job but When I Go Back Home, I See Poverty"In a recent interview with Channels TV, Usman Yusuf, the former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), stated his dissatisfaction and unhappiness with the situation in Nigeria. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He mentioned that he had seen Wike working on amazing infrastructural projects, like building roads, when visiting Abuja. But this stands in stark contrast to the misery and poverty he sees in the North, where a large number of Nigerians, especially women and children, go without food at night.

Yusuf lamented that despite the country’s apparent wealth, the basic needs of its citizens are not being met. He highlighted the lack of employment opportunities, inadequate healthcare and education systems, and the overall neglect of the welfare of citizens. He questioned the prioritisation of resources, wondering why funds are allocated to grand projects while the most vulnerable members of society are left to suffer.

According to him, “When I come to Abuja, sometimes I see that Wike is doing a good job (road), and when I go back home, I see the poverty, and I say, So we have money in this country? Or I see a governor building flyovers when millions of people, Nigerians in his neighbourhood, predominantly women and children, go to bed hungry. So we have money to do all of these, but we don’t have money to take care of people. We don’t employ our kids; we don’t feed. Our hospitals are in a mess, our schools are in a mess, and we expect peace.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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