You Had Agreed To Become Nato’s Errand Boy In America’s Struggle With Russia And China – According to Fani-Kayode

You Had Agreed To Become Nato's Errand Boy In America's Struggle With Russia And China - According to Fani-Kayode

Prominent author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o expressed serious concerns with Kenyan President William Ruto’s most recent state visit to the United States in an open letter. The communication, headed “An Open Letter to William Ruto,” was shared by Femi Fani-Kayode on his verified Twitter account. Kenyans and others all around the world spoke about this a lot.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Prolific author and well-known African literary personality Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o chastised President Ruto for the appearance and consequences of his meeting with US President Joe Biden.

The images from the visit, according to Thiong’o, are quite unsettling. He singled out a picture in which Biden is seen beaming appreciatively behind Ruto, who is seated and smiling.

Thiong’o said that this picture represented an unsettling dynamic in which Ruto has consented to tightly integrate Kenya with NATO.

Thiong’o claimed that Ruto was using Kenya as “NATO’s errand boy” in the US’s geopolitical competition with China and Russia. He maintained that this alignment runs the risk of undermining Kenya’s sovereignty and giving Western nations an unfair advantage over the continent’s resources.

Part of the letter read, “The images of your recent state visit to the USA were very disturbing to me and every patriotic Kenyan.”

“I saw you seated on a chair, grinning, while Biden stood behind you, his face beaming with satisfaction. Why not? He had just announced that you had signed off our beloved Kenya to make it a non-member ally of NATO.”

“In other words, you had agreed to become NATO’s errand boy in America’s struggle with Russia and China for access to the resources of the continent.”

“Ruto, do you know that Nato murdered Muammar Gaddafi so that Libyan oil fields, which Kaddafi had nationalized, would revert to the West?”

“Kaddafi was once the chairman of the African Union, of which Kenya was a founding member.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>