Yahaya: Even If EFCC Detain You For 10 Days Like I Was Detained, I Didn’t Die There – According to Monday Ubani


Monday Ubani, a former vice president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and special advisor to Senate President Godswill Akpabio, has notified Yahaya Bello that the EFCC’s maximum action is to hold Bello for three days before releasing him. The former governor of Kogi State should come before the panel, he insisted, adding that he wouldn’t have passed away there even if he had been detained for longer than ten days. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This response was prompted by how Yahaya Bello is evading the EFCC’s arrest. In an interview with TV360, Mr. Ubani stated that Bello’s decision to avoid arrest did not reflect well on him and that he should have handed himself in.


He also emphasized how Ayo Fayose, the former governor of Ekiti State, willingly handed himself in to answer the accusations made against him.


He said, “Your running away is not giving a good impression about your personality and all that. I don’t know why he is doing this.”

“But wherever he is, Yahaya Bello will one day be able to explain to the whole world why he did what he did. Why was he running away when he was wanted to come and explain what the problems were and whether he had committed any crime?”


Ubani mentioned that a lot of people had willingly surrendered themselves to the EFCC in Nigeria.

Additionally, he complained that before the EFCC could arrest some people, they had to smash doors, ceilings, and homes, just as it happened in Imo State. However, he advised that this was not the wisest way to deal with security agencies.

He told Yahaya Bello to do his best to obey the law and give himself in if the EFCC ever comes looking for him.


He said, “The highest that can happen is one, two, or three days of detention, and they release you.”

“Even if they detain you for more than ten days like I was detained, I didn’t die there. It was the greatest school ever that I’ve been to; I’m talking about having an experience in a detention center.”


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