Woman ‘Daddy Chukwu Killed My Son And His Wife The Same Day, I Buried Both Of Them Together’

On April 12, the Rivers State Police Command confirmed that Daddy Chukwu, a criminal leader, had been killed. An elderly widow who lost both her son and his wife as a result of Daddy Chukwu’s atrocities has claimed that Chukwu was to blame for their demise. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She blamed Daddy Chukwu’s land conflict for her son’s untimely death. She disclosed that on the same day that Daddy Chukwu killed her son, he also killed his own wife. She said that because his son’s wife was home when the incident occurred, she was an unintentional victim of the deadly altercation.

She said in an interview with Channels TV, ”Daddy Chukwu is the one responsible for the death of my son because of a land issue. It was inside their house that the unfortunate incident happened. He [Daddy Chukwu] killed my son and his wife the same day, I buried both of them together. His wife was unlucky to have come inside the house that day before she was murdered alongside her husband.”



Daddy Chukwu was a loyalist to a Notorious Cultist known as Daw Waney, whose gang killed about 13 work shippers returning from a cross-over service on January, 1, 2017 in Omoku in the Ogba/Egbeme/Ndoni LGA of Rivers State. Daddy Chukwu was found hiding in the residence of his herbalist where he went for spiritual fortification. He put up fierce resistance and in an attempt to escape, he was fatally wounded before he died in a hospital.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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