‘Will Tinubu Allow The Lawmakers To Seat Anywhere When He Was Governor Of Lagos?’ – According to Peter Ameh

In response to President Tinubu’s resolution directing Governor Fubara to permit the 27 lawmakers to sit anywhere, Peter Ameh, the National Secretary of the Coalition of United Political Parties, drew comparisons by asking whether Tinubu would have permitted lawmakers to sit anywhere during his tenure as Lagos’ governor, implying that such a situation would not have been tolerated. Regarding funding, he underlined that the governor should abstain from meddling in the state assembly’s financial affairs and argued in favor of the assembly having a direct line of responsibility for financial autonomy. He declared that it might be against the Constitution to consider giving money to people who have been expelled from the State House of Assembly. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”Will Tinubu allow the lawmakers to seat anywhere when he was governor of Lagos? He won’t allow that. And then the issue of funding, the governor should not even interfere in the funding of the state assembly at all. They should have their own direct line charge they have their money. But the kind of funding he’s talking about that will also amount to the bridge of the constitution is the funding that those who have been removed should also be paid. They don’t deserve any payment as we speak. Because they are no longer members of the State House of Assembly. The current speaker that is recognized by the Court and that has received the budget from the governor is not complaining about funding. The people complaining of funding are the people who have left for another party.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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