Wike:Siminalayi Fubara “Even if it is a mistake, by God’s grace I am here; God doesn’t make mistake”

Wike:Siminalayi Fubara "Even if it is a mistake, by God's grace I am here; God doesn't make mistake"Former governor Nyesom Wike recently made some comments to which Governor Siminalayi Fubara has responded. Wike had apologized for backing Fubara in his bid to become governor. He acknowledged that he was mistaken and promised to fix it when the time was right. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

However, in a video shared on YouTube by TVC, Fubara expressed confidence in his position, stating that even if his governorship was considered a mistake by some, he believes it was part of God’s plan. He urged his detractors to continue making mistakes so he can fulfill his plans for Rivers State and leave a positive legacy.

In Fubara’s words: “Even if it is a mistake, by God’s grace I am here, God doesn’t make mistake. Let me also appeal to them, they should continue to make mistakes so that I will continue to be where I am and finish what I want to do for you people, and leave with a good name, and my children as well as my great grandchildren will be proud of me”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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