Wike:Oby Ndukwe “The Man Who Brought Fubara Into Power Is An Ikwerre Man, He’s Not An Ijaw Man”

Wike:Oby Ndukwe "The Man Who Brought Fubara Into Power Is An Ikwerre Man, He's Not An Ijaw Man"The cross-ethnic nature of the political dynamics in Rivers state is highlighted by the allegations made by Oby Ndukwe, a political analyst and indigenous person from Rivers State, that Nyesom Wike, an Ikwerre man, introduced Governor Sim Fubara to the political scene. She explained that it is a false narrative to characterize the war as an ethnic conflict. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She noted that there are also Ijaw individuals who support Wike and his initiatives, further dispelling the notion of an ethnic divide. She argued that certain individuals may attempt to frame the conflict in ethnic terms to exploit the crisis for their gain. This tendency, she suggested, is a common strategy used by those seeking to benefit from political instability.

She said in an interview with TVC, ”It’s a wrong narrative to say this is an ethnic fight. Because the man who brought Fubara into power is an Ikwerre man, he’s not an Ijaw man. I don’t know how many of the Ijaws who are also supporting Wike and whatever he’s trying to correct. But you see for those who are trying to make it look like an ethnic thing. I think it’s expected that some persons always want to benefit when there is crisis.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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