Wike ‘When Odili Left Office And He Was Living In Maitama, How Many Of Them Went To See Him?’

Wike 'When Odili Left Office And He Was Living In Maitama, How Many Of Them Went To See Him?' Specifically, he cited how Uche Secondus, the Former PDP Chairman, bestowed the nickname “Emir of Maitama” upon Odili, implying a perception of detachment from grassroots politics. Highlighting the lack of genuine support from these individuals towards Dr Odili, he recounted a personal initiative to reconcile Odili with his former associates, Abiye Sekibo, Celestine Omehia, Lee Maeba and Uche Second us. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The people who are now saying Odili is our revered leader. When Odili left office and he was living in Maitama, how many of them went to see him? In fact, Secondus gave Odili a name, he called him ”Emir of Maitama.”

None of them visited him. After Omehia lost at the Supreme Court, he never went to see Odili one day. I pulled all of them in a Mercedes Benz and we drove down to Odili’s house around 8 pm. When Dr Odili saw us, his face changed because he couldn’t believe it. He has not seen these people since he left office in 2007. And I said Sir, I want you to forgive everybody.”

The PDP Leaders in Rivers State, Abiye Sekibo; Ex-PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus; ex-Governorship aspirant, Celestine Omehia, and ex-lawmaker, Austin Opara; had last week declared their support for Fubara and called on the President to caution Wike. They accused Wike of insulting the revered leader, Dr Peter Odili for failing to support his attempt to impeach the governor, Sir Sim Fubara.

The Former Governor Of Rivers State and FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike has alleged that after Dr Peter Odili left office as Governor in Rivers State, none of the PDP political stalwarts visited him. He noted the irony of them now professing reverence for Odili, despite their apparent neglect of him after his tenure ended. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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