Wike said. “Who Dared That Person to Say They Will Suspend Me? I Want to Dare Anybody Who Will Say That”

Wike said. "Who Dared That Person to Say They Will Suspend Me? I Want to Dare Anybody Who Will Say That"

In a recent video interview with Channels TV, former governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike declared that no one has the right to suspend him from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) due to suspected anti-party activities during the general election of 2023. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“I have not seen that person with all due respect. Nobody can do it. The issue of it will not arise. Which plan? Who will discipline me? I should be the one calling for the discipline of these people who violated the party constitution, in the way the party says there must be rotation. Who dares that person to say they’ll suspend me? Who? I want to dare anybody who will say that,” Wike stated.

Governor Wike’s statements come due to internal crisis within the PDP, with calls for disciplinary action against him coming from some party members.

However, Wike remains determined in his stance, challenging anyone who dare to question his position within the party.

The controversy surrounding Wike’s alleged anti-party activities has brought debate within political circles, with some calling for urgent action to be taken against him, while others rally behind the governor in solidarity.

Wike’s vocal stand underlines the deep-rooted divisions within the PDP as the party battles with internal conflicts and power struggles in the aftermath of the 2023 general election. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. If the PDP violated the Constitution of the Party, Wikey should have gone to Court to argue his case.
    Wikeh’s stance to punish PDP by subverting Electoral Rules to punish PDP, is Criminal.
    If the manipulation of results in Rivers State is proven to be at the instigation of Wikeh, he ought to face some consequences.

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