Wike Responds “You Sold Oil Block of $15m, Yet You Open Your Mouth to Say no School in Your Community”

Wike Responds "You Sold Oil Block of $15m, Yet You Open Your Mouth to Say no School in Your Community"

During a live news conference broadcast on TVC News Television, Nyesom Wike, the current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and a former governor of Rivers State, responded to concerns expressed by former senator Lee Maeba on the absence of standard schools in his neighborhood. He voiced his displeasure with Maeba’s tenure, citing his past political involvement and disdain for the community’s educational needs. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

As a senator who worked under Peter Odili and Rotimi Amaechi’s administrations, Wike noted that Maeba had been in positions of power and money for a considerable amount of time.

Despite his tenure in prominent roles, Maeba allegedly did not prioritize the development of schools in his community. Despite Maeba’s access to money and political clout, Wike voiced shock and disgust at his inability to attend to such a basic requirement.

At the press conference, he brought up Maeba’s purchase of an oil block, which he later allegedly sold for fifteen million dollars.

Maeba came under fire from Wike for making money off of these chances but failing to make investments in vital community infrastructure, such as schools.

He questioned Maeba’s commitment and integrity by pointing out the disparity between his actions and the pressing needs of the people he claimed to represent.

He said, “They gave you (Lee Maeba) an oil block, which you sold at the cost of $15 million, and yet you open your mouth and say that there is no school in your community.”

“You worked under Peter Odili for eight years and also worked under Rotimi Amaechi for eight years without building schools; what a shame.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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