Wike: Is This The First Time An Individual Has Helped Someone Become Gov?-According to Jake Epelle

Wike: Is This The First Time An Individual Has Helped Someone Become Gov?-According to Jake EpelleThe FCT minister, Nyesom Wike, has come under fire from TAF Africa founder Jake Epelle for his unwavering ambition to maintain his position of authority in Rivers state. In an interview with Arise TV, Jake Epelle questioned if Wike was the first person to assist someone in becoming governor of a state. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

This prompted the interviewer to opine that it appears Fubara and Wike have some kind of agreement that they are both parties to, but Jake Epelle described this claim as a mere assumption that should not be taken as truth.

“Did you hear or see that there’s an agreement that Nyesom Wike had released that both of them signed? You can’t work with assumption,” he said.

The interviewer further claimed that if both of them were not working together, Nyesom Wike won’t have shielded Siminalayi Fubara from the EFCC before he became governor.

Jake Epelle however noted that what Wike did for Siminalayi Fubara was also in his own interest. He said that at that time, Fubara was the Accountant General of Rivers state, and that by shielding him from the EFCC, Wike was also serving his own interests.

“He was also shielding his interest because, that guy, this current governor was the Accountant General, so he was shielded. But, the question you will ask is, is this the first time an individual has helped someone to become governor?” he asked.

Jake Epelle further went on to talk about the cordial relationship between Akwa Ibom state governor, Umo Eno and his predecessor, Udom Emmanuel. He said since Udom Emmanuel left office, he has not been on the neck of his successor like Wike has been doing to Fubara.

“Is he (Udom Emmanuel) killing Umo Eno for anything, have you heard anything between both of them?” he asked.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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