“Why do you have N100bn in debt on the same project you took 500m loan to execute”: According to Olufemi Lawson to El-Rufai

"Why do you have N100bn in debt on the same project you took 500m loan to execute": According to Olufemi Lawson to El-Rufai

Olufemi Lawson, the national secretary of the Campaign of Democracy, has criticized Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna state, in response to the newly disclosed debt profile of the state. He questioned him about why his administration owes 100 billion Naira for a project that cost 500 million Naira to complete. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Recall that Governor of Kaduna state, Uba Sani had few.days ago, announced during a town hall meeting that he inherited a huge debt burden of 85 billion Naira and 587 million dollars debts from the government of Nasir El-Rufai, adding that his government cannot pay salaries because the 7 billion Naira out of the 10 billion Naira federal government allocation due to the state in the month of March was used to service the state’s debt.

Such revelation has however, raised lots of reactions from Nigerians, including Olufemi Lawson who stated during an interview with newscentraltv few minutes ago that Nasir El-Rufai did well in terms of building infrastructure in Kaduna state.

Olufemi Lawson further alleged that Shehu Sani was not allowed to return as a Senator because he was part of those politicians that rejected the loan proposal from former governor, Nasir El-Rufai, adding that he has now been vindicated.

Olufemi Lawson went ahead to ask Nasir El-Rufai;

“If you are taking so much loan to develop the state, why do you have 100 billion Naira in debt on the same project you took 500 million Naira loan to execute?” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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