Why Do African Young Boys Marry European Grand Mums, But They Don’t Want To Marry African Ones?-According to Sani

The former senator for the Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Shehu Sani, has questioned why young African youths marry European grandmothers but not African grandmothers on his official X Twitter. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The vocal campaigner Shehu Sani asked why young African boys would rather marry European grandmothers on his X account.

According to Shehu Sani, he made it known in his statement by saying that African young boys prefer to marry European Grand mums rather than marrying African Grand mums.

In his tweet, Shehu Sani wrote in the screenshot photo below:

“Why do African young Boys marry European Grand mums but don’t want to marry African Grand mums?”

Shehu Sani’s tweet has caused mixed reactions from social media users as they began to drop their comments. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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