‘When They Moved To N60,000, We Asked Them How Do They Want A Nigerian To Survive’ -According to Festus Osifo

'When They Moved To N60,000, We Asked Them How Do They Want A Nigerian To Survive' -According to Festus OsifoFestus Osifo, the president of the Trade Union Congress, has claimed that organized labor has urged the federal government to clarify how it intends for a Nigerian worker to make ends meet on N60,000, the minimum salary.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized the need for a detailed breakdown of expenses, such as feeding and transportation, to understand how this wage could suffice for daily living. He criticized the lack of transparency in the wage adjustment process, noting that despite requests, no breakdown was provided. He highlighted Labour’s consistent advocacy for a realistic assessment of living costs.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”The last time it was N57,000, so they moved the minimum wage to N60,000. When they moved to N60,000, we asked them how do they want a Nigerian to survive on this daily. Somebody who is in level 1, how do you want him to survive with this money? We asked them to give us a breakdown that is embedded in this N60,000.

What is the cost of feeding? What is the cost of transportation? But they did not. On the part of Labour, we have been very consistent on this subject and we have given breakdown of how we think a man that is married to a woman with four children can survive. Because for us, the President has promised from day one that he was going to give Nigerians a living wage in his inauguration speech and subsequent speeches.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>