When the donation got to 100 million, Mr Ibu’s wife told me that her time to enjoy has come -According to Jasmine

When the donation got to 100 million, Mr Ibu's wife told me that her time to enjoy has come -According to JasmineOn a recent podcast with media personality Chude, Jasmine Okafor—the adoptive daughter of Nollywood actor John Okafor, often known as Mr. Ibu—spoke about a wide range of topics. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In the interview, Jasmine disclosed that upon reaching 100 million naira from the donations made for Mr. Ibu, his spouse began to insist on material items like an iPhone 15 and other items. She emphasized further that, despite her husband’s health during that time, Mrs. Ibu’s wife had also informed her that it was now her moment to enjoy.

“In her Words”

“There’s nothing like anybody embezzling the money, let me even come to that, because me when I’m saying something I will like to tell you fact and I will tell you nothing but the truth and what I will say now, if you go and make your research that’s what you are going to find out”.

“So there was a time that the donation got to 100 million naira, she now started coming out that she wants to buy iphone 15 and I’m telling you it happened, I’m not exaggerating or something. What she said was that ‘This is my time, I’m going to enjoy, my time has come’. I did not say anything in that regard, even when she came and was doing one interview on Facebook, she didn’t deny that na”.

“So now here is what happened, when she started saying she want something from the money and they was also other family members. Her brother approached me and told me that we should get her a sister a car from the money”, Chioma Jasmine Okafor said and it stirred massive reactions from the general public. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


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