When The Bandits Abducted The American Citizens, They Carried Out A Precision Style Operation – According to Kabir Adamu

In Almost All The Cases We Investigated, The Ransoms Paid To Bandits Are Through Our Banks -According to Kabir Adamu

Security analyst Kabir Adamu has called attention to the lack of a tactical element in the Nigerian military’s security forces. He highlighted the significance of accuracy and intelligence in such attempts, citing a successful operation involving the rescue of American nationals kidnapped by bandits. He emphasized the necessity of doing thorough intelligence collection in order to locate bandit gangs. He called on the National Assembly to play its share in keeping the security department responsible, expressing alarm about the possibility that these episodes will continue in the absence of strategic intervention. In particular, he urged the National Assembly to examine security expenditures and guarantee openness in the distribution of cash for tracking devices. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with TVC, ”The missing link is the tactical component within our security forces. When the Bandits abducted the American citizens between Niger and Nigeria, they carried out a precision-style operation and they were able to rescue the individuals. With good intelligence, you will be able to know where this bandit groups are. You will be able to carry out a multifaceted text of collateral damage. I want to buttress the fact that if we don’t do this, the incentive for this to continue will go on. I will principally call on the National Assembly, it will be very important that they really do what we Nigerians voted them to do.

They need to hold the security department to account. Whenever budgets are presented and money is provided for the acquisition of tracking devices. And yet everybody will agree with me that we are not seeing the purposes of which this money are being provided the legislature needs to wake up and start its oversight function.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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