When Should We Start Asking Who That Kidnapper, Chinaza, Voted For In The Last Election? — According to Ahmad

After Posting About The Arrest Of The Kidnapper, Chinaza, People Accused Me Of Fabrication—According to Bashir

Twitter users’ reactions to President Muhammadu Buhari’s Digital Communication Assistant, Bashir Ahmed, discussing the kidnapper Chinaza Phillip’s arrest on his verified profile, have been mixed. When should we begin to inquire as to whom Chinaza Phillip, the infamous kidnapper from Abuja, cast his ballot in the most recent general election? he questioned. In response to the debate over Chinaza Phillip’s tribe of origin, he made this statement. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Recall that Chinaza Phillip was arrested by the police after he was caught moving his kidnapped victim. He was arrested on January 18, 2024, by the Kaduna State Police and handed over to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for investigation.

Bashir Ahmad stated that he was accused of fabrication due to alleged tribal bias for posting about the arrest of Chinaza Philip. He went further to say that his tweet about Chinaza Philip is not an act of prejudice against the Igbo community or anything tribal, pointing out that he was only commending the security agency for apprehending one of the most notorious kidnappers that has been terrorizing Abuja, particularly Bwari Area Council.

According to him, “So when should we start asking who that notorious Abuja kidnapper, Chinaza Phillip, voted for in the last general election?” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Below is his post.

Here are some of the reactions.


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