“We Will Win Eventually If We Continue to Draw Nearer.” Title: Arteta’s Reaction Following a 2-1 Victory

"We Will Win Eventually If We Continue to Draw Nearer." Title: Arteta's Reaction Following a 2-1 VictoryEven though Arsenal came in second to Manchester City for the second straight season, Mikel Arteta is still optimistic that his team can win the Premier League. This is according to the Evening Standard. Even though Arsenal defeated Everton 2-1 to end the season, it wasn’t enough to overtake Manchester City. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Pep Guardiola’s team secured a 3-1 win against West Ham at the Etihad, clinching their fourth straight league title and sixth in seven seasons.

In his post-match comments, Arteta opened up on the importance of perseverance and improvement. “We need to push every limit and be more ambitious,” Arteta stated.

He began by congratulating City on their achievement but quickly shifted focus to Arsenal’s future. “If we keep getting closer, eventually we will win the title,” he said

Arteta revealed the need for a strong summer plan to elevate the team’s performance. “The primary goal is to advance our players to a higher level. If that isn’t sufficient, we’ll fill the gaps with new signings”.

Despite Arsenal’s 89 points, which nearly matched the Invincibles’ total from 2003-04, Arteta acknowledged that modern competition demands even more.

“In the last two decades, 89 points would have made us champions. But now, with teams like City setting such high standards, we need to aim for perfection,” he said.

Reacting to his time as an assistant at City, Arteta said, “I was there when we hit 100 points. I know the dedication required. We must not feel sorry for ourselves. We tried, we improved, but we must continue to strive for excellence.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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