We Should Increase The Number Of Security Agencies, Especially Police & The Nigerian Army– According to Ali Ndume

We Should Increase The Number Of Security Agencies, Especially Police & The Nigerian Army– According to Ali NdumeThe Borno South Senatorial district’s Senator Ali Ndume has advocated for more staffing in institutions such as the Nigerian army and police by highlighting the need for a thorough pay review for all security forces. He emphasized that in order to increase these forces’ effectiveness, they must be given the right tools and incentives. Ndume emphasized the need to immediately address this unsustainable scenario by bringing attention to the discrepancy between the daily stipend of a public servant, which is almost N30,000, and that of a soldier deployed to difficult circumstances, which is barely N2,000. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In an interview with Channels TV, Senator Ndume expressed the importance of reviewing the salaries of all security agencies while increasing their numbers, particularly within the police and the Nigerian army. He emphasized the need for proper equipment and motivation for these forces. Ndume pointed out the stark difference in allowances, stating that a civil servant receives around N30,000, whereas a soldier sent to challenging environments gets a mere N2,000. He deemed this situation unsustainable and in need of correction.

While referring to the fundamental responsibility of the government for security and welfare, Ndume stressed the seriousness required to address the security situation in the country, especially considering the challenges faced. He questioned the logic of placing individuals in high-stakes situations without adequate pay and motivation. Ndume highlighted the importance of proper oversight, emphasizing that security forces must have everything they need to effectively face security challenges and carry out their duties effectively.

Hear him: ”We should review the salary of all the security agencies, we should increase the number of security agencies. Especially police and the Nigerian army, we should equip them adequately and then we should motivate them. A civil servant’s DTA is about N30000 but you pay a Soldier sent to the bush N2000. That can’t work and that is the truth of it. The purpose of government is security and welfare. awe have to be serious about the security situation in this country especially looking at the challenges. Can you put somebody that is not adequately paid and motivated to do the job in a tight spot? I mean our oversight could have been if they have everything they need in order to face the security challenges and in order for them to effectively do their job.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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