We implore the Chief of Defense Staff to focus on Gumi, perhaps even make him wanted – According to RUN

We implore the Chief of Defense Staff to focus on Gumi, perhaps even make him wanted - According to RUNThe Vanguard report claims that the civil society organization Rising-Up for a United Nigeria (RUN) has released a formal statement requesting that the Department of State Services (DSS) look into and detain Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, an Islamic scholar located in Kaduna, right away due to his alleged connections to terrorist organizations. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The group stressed in their statement on Sunday that Sheikh Gumi’s continuous backing of terrorists and criminals, along with his willingness to negotiate on their behalf, are acts that compromise the rule of law and endanger national security.

The communication, signed by Ambassador Solomon Adodo and Secretary Mallam Suleiman Musa, the Convener and Secretary of RUN respectively, set forth strong apprehensions regarding the cleric’s conduct and statements.

The statement declared, “It is disconcerting that Sheikh Gumi consistently sides with these bandits following their atrocious acts. His dealings suggest he is not only sympathetic but also actively involved in their activities.

“His resistance and eagerness to mediate on behalf of terrorists, especially following the abduction of more than 280 schoolchildren from Kuriga, are indicative of his true motives. Such actions are unacceptable under the current administration.”

Furthermore, RUN criticized Gumi’s recent observations likening the crisis in the Niger Delta to the banditry troubles in the North. He implied that bandits should be granted concessions akin to those given to militants in the Niger Delta to safeguard pipelines.

RUN characterized these expressions as tantamount to a declaration of hostility against the Nigerian government.

“The line between negotiating and aiding criminal elements is very thin. By suggesting that we reward illicit behavior with contracts, what signal are we sending to law-abiding Nigerian citizens?” the group questioned.

RUN’s plea also reached out to the Defense Headquarters, urging them to safeguard the nation’s borders by considering the arrest of Gumi.

The group contended that his activities aligned with those typical of an individual orchestrating bandit activities for personal gain.

In a related development, the group expressed its concern that a lack of action might undermine the efforts of the security agencies and diminish public confidence, particularly in areas plagued by abductions and banditry for an extended period. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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