We Have Told The Hotels To Take In Anybody From The Blast Site, You Don’t Need Special Permit – According to Seyi Makinde

'I Saw On A Platform Where Some People Said Yoruba Land Has Been Invaded By Terrorists' -According to Gov Makinde

According to reports, Oyo State Governor Engineer Seyi Makinde ordered certain Ibadan hotels to accept impacted guests without a special permit following the explosion in Bodija. He said that those who were impacted by the incident were urged to get in touch with the hotels, reveal who they were, and ask for lodging. He talked about how he had just been to several hotels and met a wide range of people, including residents, professors, and members of the diaspora. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in a press Conference reported by TVC, ”I have been to some hotels today and u have met people in there. I have met Professors, I have met diasporas, and then we have also dealt with local people. We have told the Hotels to take in anybody from the blast site, you don’t need special permit to be accommodated. Just go out there, let them know your identity and then we are dealing with the situation as we move along.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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