Usman Bugaje “You are playing with the lives of people. Tinubu, People are dying because of hunger”

Usman Bugaje "You are playing with the lives of people. Tinubu, People are dying because of hunger"As reported by Vanguard, Dr. Usman Bugaje, a former presidential aide, recently offered his thoughts on a potential Tinubu presidency. In an open interview, he expressed concerns about the current situation. Dr. Bugaje emphasized that his criticism of Tinubu originates from his steadfast opposition to wrongdoing, which is clear from his previous criticisms of President Muhammadu Buhari, despite their shared Northern heritage. Although Bugaje’s opinions are sometimes contentious, it is impossible to overlook the breadth and clarity of his analyses on a number of different issues. Notably, he once emphasized that “There are no oil-producing states but the Nigerian state,” highlighting the North’s significant contribution to Nigeria’s offshore drilling rights. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In his latest interview, Bugaje further elaborated on his viewpoints with precision, delving into critical subjects such as the Oronsaye report, budget padding, corruption, and his reservations about the future under President Bola Tinubu’s leadership. Dr. Bugaje’s insights are undeniably profound and worthy of attention.

Assessing the Tinubu presidency, Dr. Bugaje observed a lack of direction and strategic vision, criticizing the administration’s failure to fulfill promises of national advancement. He questioned their comprehension of prevailing challenges and stressed the need for accountability, urging leaders to acknowledge failures and embrace innovative solutions when existing strategies falter.

Bugaje highlighted the adverse impact of ineffective governance on the populace, citing issues like hunger, healthcare access, unemployment, and inflation as pressing concerns. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation, cautioning against reckless experimentation that jeopardizes people’s well-being and livelihoods.

Responding to notions of trial and error in governance, Dr. Bugaje condemned such an approach as irresponsible, given its real-life ramifications for citizens. He emphasized the necessity for leaders to adopt deliberate and thoughtful governance strategies, especially when lives are on the line. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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