Trump Conviction: Soyinka Is Thinking About Relocating Permanently to the US Since 2016

Trump Conviction: Soyinka Is Thinking About Relocating Permanently to the US Since 2016

In light of former President Donald Trump’s conviction, Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has reportedly made references to the prospect of seeking permanent residency in the United States once more, according to a report published by Sahara Reporters. In 2016, Soyinka vowed to destroy his US green card in the event that Trump won the presidential election. This move is to fulfill that promise.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Trump’s conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records has potentially paved the way for Soyinka’s reentry into the country.

Now, with Trump’s conviction, Soyinka has voiced the possibility of reassessing his previous decision and submitting an application for permanent residency in the US.

In a statement issued on Friday, Soyinka said, “Seeing that this trite, personal gesture attracted such inordinate attention at the time, let me answer the question before it is asked: Yes, I may choose to apply for restoration of my card of Permanent Residence, known as the Green Card. Possibly.”

Soyinka characterized the conviction as “daybreak on a new democratic promise”.

He expounded, stating, “For millions in anguished parts of the world, certainly for us in vast swathes of the African continent, this is daybreak on a new democratic promise. The warning is clear. sooner or later, the clamour of equity breaks down the stoutest gates on guard across the citadel of impunity.

“The Trump debacle is a challenge also, a call to preparedness and steadfastness. Installed and putative fascisms – secular, military or theocratic – will extract from this only the wrong lessons, batten down and ‘crack down’ in self-protection.

“It is “Not yet Uhuru”, not anywhere close for humanity in our global village. Nonetheless, a celebration, albeit in a minor key, is justified.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>