TRAGEDY: “We Want The World To Hear Our Voice Over The Killings In Igbo Land, We Are Pained” – According to IWA

TRAGEDY: "We Want The World To Hear Our Voice Over The Killings In Igbo Land, We Are Pained" - According to IWAAccording to Vanguard, the Igbo Women Assembly has expressed concern about the recent killings committed by armed herdsmen and criminals in several Igbo towns. Lolo Nneka Chimezie, the assembly’s president, is representing the group. They bemoaned the fact that these attacks had claimed the husbands and sons of hundreds of women. The women bemoaned the inadequacies of security forces in providing enough protection to the southeast despite the region’s abundance of checkpoints. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

They called on security personnel to vacate the checkpoints if they are unable to ensure the security of the southeast.

Lolo Nneka Chimezie, speaking to reporters in Enugu, expressed concern over the targeted killings of Igbo youths, often misidentified as IPOB members.

She highlighted the mass exodus of youths from Igbo communities as a result of the escalating violence.

She said: “We want the world to hear our voice over the killings in Igbo land. We are pained over the rate at which our children are being killed.

The rate at which our youths are being killed is alarming, tagging them IPOB members. Youths have deserted many Igbo communities.”

She continued by pointing out that young people have abandoned places such as Orlu and Ihiala, urging the Nigerian government to genuinely address the insecurity in the southeast region.

Additionally, she called for a thorough evaluation of the security personnel deployed to the area.

In addition, the Igbo women made it known that they are no longer comfortable with the killings of Igbo youths.

They went on and urged the Ohanaeze and other Igbo leaders to stand up and defend Igbo land, stating it clearly that the killings in Igbo land must stop. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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