Tinubu: ‘They Must Have Been Informed That They Dare Not Celebrate The One Year In Office’ – According to Usman Bugaje

Usman Bugaje:'Tinubu Made A Mistake When He Influenced The Emergence Of The Senate Principal Officers'Dr. Usman Bugaje, a former member of the House of Representatives, has said that because of the general discontent among the public, the Federal Government may have decided not to celebrate President Bola Tinubu’s one-year anniversary. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He noted that from his travels and interactions in various states like Adamawa and Kaduna, the sentiment among people and intellectuals is overwhelmingly negative. He stated that the public’s discontent is palpable and there is a general sense of unhappiness with the current administration. He lamented the dire economic conditions that citizens are enduring. He lamented that the lack of substantial income to cover basic needs, coupled with the rising costs of living, paints a bleak picture of the current socio-economic landscape in Nigeria.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”They must have been informed that they dare not celebrate the one year in office. I think common sense has prevailed here. I have not seen anything to be joyful about in this government and the way people are acting, they are not happy. Some of us don’t stay in the office, we move around. Yesterday I was in Adamawa, tomorrow I will be in Kaduna. And as you move and interact with your people and intellectuals, what you hear is heartbreaking.

People are crying and they are extremely desperate for survival. Workers will need to have N1000 to get to their workplace and come back. That is N2,000 in four weeks. Food for an average family of two adults and five children, you will require a minimum of N2,000 to feed that family at the basic level of existence. And that is already N60,000. So you are already talking about N80,000 without school fees, hygiene and a number of other things that come with everyday life. And a bulk of these citizens, many of them don’t earn N100,000 per month. How people are actually surviving is a miracle.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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