“Those Guys Think They Are Smart” Wike Responds As Igbo Man Accused Him Of Destroying His Property

"Those Guys Think They Are Smart" Wike Responds As Igbo Man Accused Him Of Destroying His PropertyNyesom Wike, the minister of the Federal Capital Territory, responded to a guy who claimed that because he is an Igbo man, Wike destroyed his property during a media event in Abuja. In an attempt to clarify, Wike said that the FCT, which is led by him, is not the Anambra State PDP, where it is OK to follow illegal court rulings. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He clarified that while the matter was still pending in court, the individual began fencing the land behind his back and selling it to other people, despite their initial agreement to settle.

While explaining, he emphasized, “We all met and said it’s okay; don’t do anything again until we are able to make a final decision.”

“But do you know what happened? Those guys, thinking that they were too smart, went on and started fencing, allocating the land for people to buy.”

Wike explained further by saying that he learned about this when a woman approached him and asked for guidance regarding a property she was interested in purchasing.

He informed her that they were experiencing issues with the land’s owner, so he declined her request. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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