The woman claimed to have contacted her brother who was killed in Mangu on Tuesday, but the call was answered in Niger

The woman claimed to have contacted her brother who was killed in Mangu on Tuesday, but the call was answered in Niger

The five-member Mallum family was one of the unfortunate victims of the massacre that took place in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State on Tuesday. They were ruthlessly destroyed by the attackers. The family, who now lived in Mangu but were originally from the Langtang North Local Government District, was a victim of the violence that swept through the Soho Kasuwa neighborhood. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to The Nigerian Tribune, it was reported that the sister of the family head, Mrs. Juliana Danjuma Kwamji, recounted the harrowing circumstances, highlighting that while they were aware of the unrest in the local government area, they never anticipated its escalation to their residential area. And due to this, the entire family, sadly, became victims of the brutal attack.

She said, “On coming out of the house, they noticed that some of their neighbours were outside their houses discussing the unfortunate incident in town in a hushed tone. And someone accosted my sister, who was taking her daughter to school, to postpone the move as a result of tension in town.

“She obeyed and returned to the house, and while they were deliberating on what to do, they suddenly saw their neighbour’s house on fire and decided to call the owner of the house to call security agents and fire service to put out the fire.”

She said in a swift and horrifying turn of events, the armed assailants, that were aided by some neighbours, initiated the burning of houses in the community, as residents found themselves unable to escape.

She said that the assailants, after breaking into their house, brutally killed five of her family members: Dauda Mallum, a 67-year-old retired civil servant battling stroke; Beatrice Mallum (29 years old); Emmanuel Mallum (31 years old); Tabitha Mallum (20 years old); and a sister of Dauda Mallum. She alleged the attackers stabbed the victims to death and subsequently set the house on fire, and waited to ensure the victims have all died.

Mrs. Kwamji, tearfully recounting the tragic incident, disclosed that the assailants took the victims’ phones and valuables before perpetrating the gruesome act.

Further talking, Mrs Kwanji said that she monitored the murdered people on the phone throughout the time they were trapped in the house until they were eventually killed by the assailants. She added that she later called one of the phones and the receiver simply replied that they were at that moment in the Niger Republic. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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