The Speculation Here In The North Is That The President Want To Move Federal Capital To Lagos -According to Yusuf

The Northern Governors Are The Ones Responsible For All The Drivers That Brought Insecurity -According to Yusuf

Professor Usman Yusuf, a former CEO of the National Health Insurance Scheme, has claimed that there are rumors in the North regarding the possible relocation of the Federal capital to Lagos and the renovation of Dodan Barracks for this reason. He has urged the President to take the concerns of the public seriously and not ignore them. He declared that the justifications offered for the transfer of FAAN to Lagos and the relocation of important CBN units were insufficient. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He emphasized the legal basis for relocating the capital from Lagos to Abuja, which should not be reversed arbitrarily. He identified a lack of communication from the government with the Nigerian people, leading to widespread mistrust and numerous speculations. He attributed the prevailing mistrust to the challenges and difficulties experienced by the populace.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”The government is not talking to Nigerians. There is so much mistrust of government that there are a lot of speculations. Why is there mistrust? It is because these government has put our people through difficulties since it came. The President needs to listen, there are things that his advisers will not tell him.

The speculation here in the North is that the President want to move the Federal capital to Lagos. And there are speculations that he’s fixing Dodan barracks to move to Lagos. Mr President must listen to what people are saying. Do not dismiss what people are saying. The Federal capital was moved from Lagos to Abuja by the law, you cannot start moving things back to Lagos. The excuses they are giving are unacceptable.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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