The Miracles Were Edited To Make It Look Like The Healing Happened Instantly- According to Ex-Scoan Video Editor

The Miracles Were Edited To Make It Look Like The Healing Happened Instantly- Ex-Scoan Video Editor

Video editor Bisola, who spent five years working for the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), allegedly said that all of the church’s miracles were staged and edited to give the impression of immediate healing (Sahara Reporters And The Punch). She bemoaned the fact that events are stage-managed and that spectators are not given access to certain aspects of the show. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She said as much when the BBC interviewed her. Bisola put it this way: “The’miracles’ were recorded and then edited to make it appear as though the purported healing had occurred instantly.” Shot months or even a year apart, the before and after footage was edited together to reveal his supposed miraculous powers.

“You don’t know the time or space; all you see on TV is the before and after. What people see is not real. Regarding the broadcasts and footage she oversaw, she declares, “It is fraud.” Speaking now from inside, this is what I know. They “cut away” everything they did not want viewers to see. Everything was “organised”.

Recalled that a BBC Africa Eye report said that the late Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua allegedly staged miracles at his Synagogue Church of All Nations,

The late Nigerian televangelist was accused by the BBC of using a series of dishonest tactics to create phony miracles. The investigation detailed six of the claimed methods used by the church leader to create fake miracles. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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