‘The Kidnappers Leader Said We Should Go And Identify Our Own From The People They Killed’ – According to Jamiu Salman

'The Kidnappers Leader Said We Should Go And Identify Our Own From The People They Killed' - According to Jamiu Salman

Jamiu Salman, one of Nabeeha’s uncles, has described the terrifying ordeal of how the abductor who killed Al Khadriya Nabeeha gave them the order to go and identify her body among those whom the group had killed. According to him, the leader of the kidnapper had mentioned how important it was to identify the victims quickly in order to stop animals from disfiguring them. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He revealed that the next morning, with the assistance of a local familiar with the area, they discovered four corpses—three females and one male. According to him, a photograph of the bodies was taken and sent via WhatsApp and through this process, they identified the deceased as Nabeeha.

He said in an interview with Daily Trust TV, ”The Kidnappers leader said we should go that night or we should go early in the morning. The Kidnappers leader said we should go and identify our own from the people they killed. He said we should go so that dog will not mutilate the body, so that we will not accuse them of raping our child.

So in the morning, we didn’t know the one they killed because they didn’t give us a name. We got an indigene of Bwari that knows those terrains very well. We asked the man to go on bike. On getting there, he said he saw four corpses, three females and one male. We asked him to take a picture of the Corps so that we could identify if one of our girls was there. So he did that and sent it through WhatsApp. We were able to identify that it was Nabeeha that they killed.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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