The Kidnappers Leader Begged Us Not To Involve Any Security While Bringing The Ransom -According to Salman

'The Kidnappers Leader Said We Should Go And Identify Our Own From The People They Killed' - According to Jamiu Salman

Jamiu Salman, one of Nabeeha’s uncles, has described speaking with the commander of the kidnapper, who begged not to include any security officers in the ransom swap for the release of the other Al Khadriya daughters. According to what he said, the abductor conveyed concern that the security detail could make the sisters of Nabeeha more vulnerable. He said that in response to the kidnapper’s appeal, they had communicated the choice to omit security in order to protect the children’s lives. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Daily Trust TV, ”The kidnappers leader begged us not to involve any security while bringing the ransom. Because he’s afraid that they will kill the rest of the Children. And I told him that we didn’t want to involve the security as we are taking the ransom to them. Because if they discover that we are coming with any security men, the lives of the Children will be in danger. So we felt we just had to pay the ransom. We want a government that will secure our lives and properties. Same thing every Nigerian wanted.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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