‘The FAAN Headquarters Was Moved To Abuja From Lagos In 2020 For Certain Reasons’ – According to Olubunmi Kuku

'The FAAN Headquarters Was Moved To Abuja From Lagos In 2020 For Certain Reasons' - According to Olubunmi Kuku

The public’s emotional reaction to the FAAN headquarters’ move from Abuja to Lagos has been addressed by Olubunmi Kuku, Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. According to her, there were specific reasons why the FAAN headquarters were initially relocated from Lagos to Abuja in 2020. She explained that the lack of infrastructure at the time to support the team using such rooms was the driving force behind the decision. The bulk of the impacted workforce, she pointed out, had already returned to Lagos, even though 60% of FAAN’s operations are situated at MMIA in Lagos. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She characterized the issue as more related to semantics and technicalities rather than a substantial relocation, seeking to downplay the significant noise and public reaction generated by the news of FAAN moving back to Lagos. According to her, the overall implication was that the operational core remained in Lagos, and this was not as extensive as it might have been perceived.

She said in an interview with TVC, ”That has generated quite a bit of emotion in the public space. I think the first is to say that, the FAAN headquarters was moved to Abuja from Lagos in 2020 for certain reasons. The Infrastructure required to support my colleagues and my team who work in those spaces was not available.

You would also know that the core of our operations, 60% of our operations actually sit out of MMIA. But despite that majority of the staff in question have actually been back in Lagos. It was more of semantics and technicality rather than you know a potential of the noise that it elicited about FAAN moving back. Because a lot of those team members who are affected are actually back in Lagos.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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