The Entire Banks Of This Country Are In Lagos, How Do You Supervise While You Are In Abuja?- According to Maiyaki

The Entire Banks Of This Country Are In Lagos, How Do You Supervise While You Are In Abuja?- According to Maiyaki

Ahmed Maiyaki, a former spokesman for the Kaduna State government, has spoken on the controversy surrounding the move of the corporate headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and certain ministries of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). According to Maiyaki, people who disagree with the decisions are acting in a self-serving manner. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking during a recent appearance on Arise TV, Maiyaki said that all the banks in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos, and questioned how these banks could be supervised from Abuja.

According to the report by Sahara Reporters, Maiyaki said, “You know, some staff, particularly those in the banking supervision and consumer protection, you know, are charged with the responsibility of supervising banks. The entire banks of this country are located in Lagos, their headquarters are in Lagos. How do you supervise banks while you are in Abuja?

“For the records, I have not seen any statement coming from the CBN, but of course a simple check will tell you. Like a lot of commentators have said their travel staff all the way to Lagos at intervals of two weeks to supervise these banks.”

Following the decisions to relocate some departments of CBN and the corporate headquarters of FAAN from Abuja to Lagos, the Northern elders have kicked against the moves, claiming that the move is a ploy to cripple the socio-economic activities in the North.

Maiyaki said that the Northern elders have the right to air their views, but that there are more critical issues in the North that he expects the Northern elders to speak up about. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. The North is used to getting its way whether it is right or wrong, they said nothing when Buhari was printing Naira like a drunken sailor, they are saying nothing about the ethnic cleansing by fulani’s in the middle belt, all these soldiers of fortune want us to stop the CBN from doing the right thing and also stop the movement of some parts of Civil aviation administration to Lagos, Tinubu must stand his grounds, heaven will not fall.

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