The Deadly Mistake that Cost Hamas Top Commander His Life in Beirut Bombing

The Deadly Mistake that Cost Hamas Top Commander His Life in Beirut Bombing

A senior Hamas commander and six other Palestinian organization members were targeted and killed by Israel in Beirut using a combination of technology and espionage, according to a former officer in the Lebanese army. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Elias Farhat told Al Jazeera that Hamas commanders, who were oblivious to the dangers of bringing electronic devices to their conference, most certainly took advantage of a technical security lapse.

He claimed that information concerning the location of the apartment, the day and time of the meeting, and potentially even a participant’s phone number, had been collected by Israeli spies, according to Al Jazeera.

Farhat said that the drones fired at a location that was pinpointed by the phone or another device. He added that if al-Arouri, the Hamas commander, had known about the danger, he would have chosen a different place for the meeting, such as an underground bunker, or banned the use of any electronics.

The drone attack, which took place on January 2, 2024, was confirmed by Hamas, which said that al-Arouri and six other officials were killed in a “cowardly Zionist aggression”. Hamas vowed to retaliate and continue its resistance against Israel.

Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at it in a speech on January 3, 2024. He said that Israel was “acting against its enemies near and far, with determination and strength”.

The attack has raised tensions in the region, as Lebanon accused Israel of violating its sovereignty and airspace. The Lebanese government said it would file a complaint to the United Nations Security Council and demand an international investigation into the incident. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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