The Day Prophet Moses And His Followers Were Saved From Pharaoh, So Shall Nigeria Be Saved- According to Shehu

The killing of our security agents only gets louder when it happens in the South East - According to Shehu SaniMahdi Shehu, a political analyst and human rights advocate, claims that Nigeria will soon be freed from its oppressor. On Friday, he posted a post on his official X handle that included this comment.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He made the statement while reacting to some of the things that have been confronting the nation in recent times.

In the post that he shared on his official X handle, he said just as prophet Moses and his supporters were saved from their tormentor, Pharaoh, so shall Nigeria be saved too.

He said Nigerians should await the day that the country will be saved by the power of the strong, mighty, wise and supreme God.

Mahdi Shehu wrote on his official Twitter!

“The day prophet moses and his followers were saved from pharaoh, their tormentor, So shall Nigeria be saved by the power of the wise, strong, mighty, omnipresent, and supreme God. Amen”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>