‘The Contractor Told Me The $400M For The CCTV Cameras Was From The Chinese Government’ -According to Sen Ireti

'The Contractor Told Me The $400M For The CCTV Cameras Was From The Chinese Government' -According to Sen Ireti

Senator Ireti Kingibe, a senator from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has revealed specifics of her previous conversations with the contractors in charge of the CCTV cameras in the FCT. She stated that the contractor stated the Chinese government contributed $400 million to the project, while the Nigerian government gave N70 million. She emphasized that the CCTV cameras were built with the knowledge that operational duty will pass to the FCT authorities, even though they were initially operating well. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

However, upon handover, she stated that the FCT lacked personnel to operate the surveillance system, resulting in the inability to use the CCTV cameras. She concluded by saying she anticipates discussing with the FCT minister upon his arrival, with the aiming of addressing the challenges and bring the CCTV surveillance back into effective operation.

She said in an interview with Channels TV, ”I actually spoke several months back with the contractors. The Contractor told me the $400M for the CCTV cameras was from the Chinese Government. While N70M from the Nigerian government and they installed the CCTV and they were working well. But he gave me an example that if I buy a car and they have done everything for the car. They cannot be the ones fueling the car and driving the car, you take it over.

When they handed it over to us, we didn’t have anybody to operate it. They operated it for a little bit and then they left it for us. I also asked them for the way forward but they explained to me also that the cameras that have been vandalized and damaged are actually the key pair component of the whole thing, that the back end is the most expensive one. I was hoping that when the FCT minister comes, I’m thinking that we will see how we can bring this surveillance into action.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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