‘The Business Owners In Banez Plaza Must Bring Out Those Who Committed That Act’ -According to Gen Lucky Irabor

'The Business Owners In Banez Plaza Must Bring Out Those Who Committed That Act' -According to Gen Lucky IraborAccording to General Lucky Irabor, the former chief of staff of the Defense Department, the owners of the businesses in Banez square should identify the perpetrators of the recent violent acts against military officers in the square.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He commended the military’s restraint in merely occupying the plaza rather than taking harsher measures. He called for greater understanding and cooperation from innocent parties affected by the military’s actions, highlighting the collective responsibility everyone bears when such egregious acts occur. He pointed out that the military has established protocols to discipline any member who brings disrepute to the Armed Forces and stressed the importance of reporting such misconduct through proper channels.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”I believe that the Banez plaza has leadership and they have an association, they need to co-operate with the military in the investigation. The business owners in Banez plaza must bring out those who committed that dastardly act. I do not subscribe to acting irrationally and I think that the army has been quite moderate by just occupying the Plaza.

For me, I can call for greater understanding on the part of those who are innocent in that case. This is actually what we all bear collectively when such an act is committed by people who have lost their conscience in my view. The military has sets of protocols with which to administer itself. Any officer or Soldier who engages in an act that put the Armed Forces into disrepute is disciplined. In such situation that perhaps happened, the people should have reported such soldiers and they will be arrested. But you laying hands on him while in Uniform is an act not against the armed force but against the state. Because these are men who represent our territorial integrity.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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