The Attacks In Plateau Were Aimed To Destroy 36 Communities But They Only Succeeded In 13 -According to Gen Usman

The Attacks In Plateau Were Aimed To Destroy 36 Communities But They Only Succeeded In 13 -According to Gen Usman

The security forces in Plateau have been lauded by General Sani Usman, the former director of Army Public Relations, for their effective efforts in avoiding attacks on 19 out of the 36 targeted communities in the recent incident that occurred before Christmas. He emphasized the insufficiency of the current numbers and urged for more boots on the ground, improved technology capabilities, and higher investments in the policing system, while praising their accomplishments. He emphasized the critical elements of training, people, and equipment while drawing attention to the historical disregard of Nigeria’s policing system since 1999. He highlighted the need for a functional police force around the world and contended that disregarding the police system had led to the current state of instability. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with AIT, ”I must give kudos to the security forces in Plateau. The attacks in Plateau were aimed to destroy 36 communities but they only succeeded in 13. The remaining 19 were prevented, but of course, the number is grossly inadequate. So we need to have more boots on the ground, we need to have technology and so many other things. We tend to neglect our policing system and if we may go back from 1999 to date, what is our level of investment in our policing system in this country. In terms of training, in terms of number and in terms of equipment. And it is the neglect of our policing system that brought us to where we are. There is no country in the whole world that doesn’t have police. We neglected the police system and there is some training expected from an average police officer to meet up with the crime and criminality of the 21st century. What is the level of investment? What are the numbers?” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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