Temitope Ajayi:”A vegetable you buy for $10 in US which is about N15,000 in Nigeria wont cost more than N1k”

Temitope Ajayi:"A vegetable you buy for $10 in US which is about N15,000 in Nigeria wont cost more than N1k"Temitope Ajayi, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, recently discussed the minimum wage debate in Nigeria and drew attention to a noteworthy disparity between the cost of living in Nigeria and the US. He emphasized the stark differences in the prices of products and services between the two nations.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ajayi emphasized that converting the minimum wage in Nigeria directly to U.S. dollars is misleading and unethical. He argued that such comparisons do not account for the differences in purchasing power and living costs in each country. To illustrate his point, he provided specific examples of price differences.

In his statement, Ajayi noted that $1 would not buy a decent dinner in the U.S., whereas its equivalent in Nigeria, N1500, could secure a satisfying meal at a reputable restaurant. This, he argued, demonstrates the higher purchasing power of the Nigerian currency within the local context. Further illustrating the disparity, Ajayi mentioned that a vegetable priced at $10 in the U.S. (approximately N15,000 in Nigeria) would cost no more than N1000 at Wuse Market in Abuja. This stark contrast highlights the lower cost of living in Nigeria compared to the U.S.

Ajayi also pointed out the difference in housing costs, stating that the monthly rent for a three-bedroom flat in a medium-income neighborhood in the U.S. exceeds the annual rent for a similar house in Ikeja, Lagos. This comparison underscores the importance of considering local economic conditions when discussing wages and living standards. Ajayi urged that these differences be taken into account when making arguments about minimum wage and cost of living. He shared his insights in a post on his Twitter page, aiming to provide a more accurate perspective on the economic realities faced by Nigerians.

Hear him: “A vegetable that someone will buy for $10 in US which is about N15,000 in Nigeria wont cost more than N1000 or less at Wuse market in Abuja. One month rent for a 3 bed-room flat in a medium income neighbourhood in US is more than 1 year rent for same type of house in the heart of Ikeja in Lagos. All of these must be put in perspectives when making the dollar argument.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>