TB Joshua: When I Got To His Bedroom, There Was No Light, Except A Candle That Was On— According to Ex Disciple

TB Joshua: When I Got To His Bedroom, There Was No Light, Except A Candle That Was On— According to Ex Disciple

An ex-disciple of the late pastor TB Joshua talked about some of her experiences as a disciple in a video that Sahara TV released. She said that one evening, pastor TB Joshua sent her to his bedroom. When she arrived, the only light source was a candle, and pastor TB Joshua was wearing only a white towel around his waist. He invited her to enter. He stretched and pulled her into his bedroom, but she was unable to enter his room due to what she had seen, she continued. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking further in the video, she stated that TB Joshua told her that God told him that he was going to use her to do great things in the church and that he was going to be like a father to her. She went further to say that pastor TB Joshua put her in charge of the studio and told her that she seemed like a reliable person, which is why he placed her in charge.

According to her, “He told me that if anybody messes around in the studio, I should report to him, and he was just touching me, and then I went back to the studio. After like 10 to 15 minutes, I got another call from him, and I quickly reached his room. When I got there, I saw that there was no light in the room. I thought that in-between when I left the studio to his room, NEPA stroked, but there was a candle light in the room, and he was sitting on a couch and he was tying a white towel, and I thought he was just preparing for service; maybe he wants to go and shower or he is just coming out of the shower. I couldn’t enter the room properly because of what I saw: his towel shifted, and his pants were showing, so I bent my face down. I thought it was a mistake, but he told me to come in and that I should not be afraid of him. He stretched out and dragged my hand and placed it on his, you know, and so I stiffened.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>


  1. Please leaves TBJ alone to rest, you are even luck to have such good man to touch you, because you are nothing but sheap woes and inbeside

  2. People should be very careful about what they say about a man of God. My question is why is it that none of people came out with all these accusations when this man was alive. Well all I know is that Nigerians doesn’t appreciate or even see good deeds except looking for fault from people. No man has power to judge his or her fellow being except God. Pastor TB Joshua has finished his earthly ministry and has gone. So you that are accusing the dead now what do you want to archive? Even If your accusation is true who are you to judge? Then if judgement is your calling Start your judgement from king David who not only he slept with Uriah’s wife but still killed Uriah and after became a man after God’s heart, please be careful. Be mindful of your your own salvation, how you can make it by the end of your life. For hell is real and Heaven is real as well, so sister accuser choose this day whom ye shall serve. Leave judgement for the owner of life face your own life. TB Joshua has done his best on earth and has gone. I pray that the purpose of our journey here on shall be fulfilled unteropted and undeceived by the devil in Jesus name

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