TB Joshua: When I Got To His Bedroom, There Was No Light, Except A Candle — According to Ex Disciple

TB Joshua: When I Got To His Bedroom, There Was No Light, Except A Candle — According to Ex Disciple

In a video released by Sahara TV, a former student of the late pastor TB Joshua discussed some of her experiences as a disciple. She claimed that pastor TB Joshua called her into his bedroom one evening. The only source of light available when she got there was a candle, and pastor TB Joshua was just decked up in a white towel around his waist. He motioned for her to come in. She went on, but she was unable to enter his room because of what she had witnessed. He stretched and dragged her into his bedroom. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking again in the video, she said that TB Joshua had informed him that God had promised to use her to accomplish great things in the church and to treat her like a son.She continued by saying that she was given leadership of the studio by pastor TB Joshua, who informed her that she appeared to be a trustworthy individual.

She said, “He was just touching me, and after telling me to report him if anybody messes around in the studio, I went back to the studio.I hurried to his room when I received another call from him, which was maybe ten or fifteen minutes later.

Upon arriving, I noticed that the space was completely dark.When I went from the studio to his room, I thought that NEPA had stroked, but there was candle light, and he was sitting on a couch and tying a white towel. I reasoned that he might be getting ready for the service, or perhaps he was just getting out of the shower.His towel had moved, and his trousers were visible, so I was unable to fully enter the room and had to crouch with my face down.I thought it was an error, but he told me not to be afraid of him and to come in.I became rigid as he extended his hand, dragged it, and placed it on his. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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