TB Joshua: I saw female disciples go to his room. They were going away for Hours, I was hearing things – According to Ajoke

TB Joshua: I saw female disciples go to his room. They were going away for Hours, I was hearing things - According to Ajoke

The late megachurch leader TB Joshua was the leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), where the BBC has discovered a horrifying tale of abuse, torture, and treachery.

According to the BBC, Joshua is accused of multiple sexual offenses and is said to have tortured and imprisoned his daughter Ajoke before abandoning her on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Ajoke, who is currently 27 years old and has gone into hiding, bravely came up to reveal that she was the first person to go public with the horrific experiences she had at her father’s church.

She has dropped her surname “Joshua,” and her identity is being protected by the BBC.

The accusations against TB Joshua span almost two decades, depicting a pattern of widespread abuse and torture.

The BBC interviewed more than 25 former disciples from various countries, including the UK, Nigeria, the US, South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, and Germany, who provided compelling testimony of experiencing or witnessing sexual abuse within Scoan.

Ajoke’s nightmare began at the age of seven when she was suspended from school after a local journalist revealed her as the alleged illegitimate child of TB Joshua.

Pulled out of school, she was thrust into the disciples’ room, an elite group living under strict rules within the Scoan compound.

I saw female disciples go up to his room. They were going away for hours. I was hearing things: ‘Oh this happened to me.

He tried sleeping with me.’ Too many people were saying the same thing,” she says.

They were forbidden to sleep for more than a few hours, denied personal communication devices, and required to address TB Joshua as “Daddy.”

As a child, Ajoke resisted conforming to the rules, refusing to stand up for the pastor and challenging the strict sleeping orders.

This resistance marked the beginning of her abuse. She was beaten for wetting the bed and forced to carry a sign around the compound declaring her as a bedwetter.

Former disciples revealed that Joshua encouraged others to physically assault her, reinforcing the narrative that she was possessed by evil spirits.

The abuse reached a horrifying pinnacle when Ajoke, at the age of 17, confronted her father about allegations of sexual abuse within the church.

She witnessed female disciples going to his room for extended periods, recounting disturbing experiences of attempted assault. In a bold move, Ajoke confronted her father, leading to a violent reaction from TB Joshua and other disciples.

Witnesses vividly recall the incident, describing a brutal assault on Ajoke as she stood her ground.

Ajoke’s journey from a happy childhood to a life of torment within Scoan sheds light on the manipulative practices employed by TB Joshua.

Former disciples revealed a culture of brainwashing and unquestioning obedience, creating a toxic environment where abuse could thrive unchecked. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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