TB JOSHUA: “I lived with him and I saw weird things”: JustAdetoun shares startling details about TB Joshua

“I lived with him and I saw weird things”: JustAdetoun shares startling details about TB Joshua

Days after the BBC’s documentary on Pastor TB Joshua went viral, a social media activist who used to live with him, JustAdetoun, breaks her silence
The outspoken media personality was recently on Chude Jidenowo’s show, where she spoke about her time with the late clergyman…CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

During her chat with Chude, JustAdetoun shared some weird things that Pastor TB Joshua used to do when she used to live with him

Social media activist and political commentator Adetoun Onajobi, better known as JustAdetoun, recently stirred reactions online with some revelations she made about Pastor TB Joshua.

During the interview, JustAdetoun spoke about her relationship with her late father and Pastor TB Joshua.
JustAdetoun joins growing list of celebs defending Pastor TB Joshua

Media personality JustAdetoun speaks about her time with Pastor TB Joshua.

JustAdetoun noted that she lived with the late cleric when she was a lot younger before he built what is now known as the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

The media personality also revealed that during that time, she saw the prophet do many weird things, which included abstaining from sex for many years.
“He didn’t eat salt, palm oil” – JustAdetoun reveals

Some of the weird things mentioned by JustAdetoun that she saw while living with the clergyman was his abstinence from eating things like salt, palm oil, and many others.

She noted that for many years, the clergyman abstained from having sex because of his beliefs about purity.

JustAdetoun vouched in the viral clip that Pastor TB Joshua was a genuine man of God when he was alive.

Watch the interview below:
See how netizens reacted to JustAdetoun’s revelations

Many netizens who responded to JustAdetoun’s interview noted that she is a liar, referring to her recent episode when Mohbad passed away.

At the time, Adetoun claimed to have received spiritual messages from Mohbad and even conversed with his spirit during a live session.

Here are some of the reactions gathered by TheTalk.NG:


“The fact remains he was doing “amulu mala”. He was doing both sides. He was not clean. Go and ask about him from people who knew him in Ikotun.”


“This is the best excuse she could come up with? All the people that have come out to defend him, they all came up with lame excuses that makes no sense.”


“They will not see this one to share ooo. Its the dragging that they will share.”


“He was an herbalist in church garment.”


“This woman just made the whole matter worse.”


“She didn’t answer the question she’s trying to be politically correct.”


“She said Absolutely nothing. A simple question was asked, tho.”


“She didn’t answer the question.”


“I see no reason dwelling on this matter. No be this one claim to they follow Mohbad talk for IG Live.”


“A simple question and she went all round the bush just for her to use sex as a means to paint him as pious. Mscheeew!!!”….CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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