TB Joshua Forbade The Use of Phone And Some Disciples Picked Offense & Left The Church — According to Wiseman Daniel

TB Joshua:You Said He Did This & That To You; Did You Disappear Into His Bedroom?— According to Wiseman Daniel

Wiseman Daniel, a former student of the late pastor TB Joshua, refuted the assertions that pastor TB Joshua is a false prophet in a video uploaded by My Church-My Truth. He claimed that after pastor TB Joshua issued a ruling prohibiting his followers from using phones in synagogues, some of them became offended and quit the church, which is what gave rise to the BBC program. He continued by saying that pastor TB Joshua is a man of morality and that if any disciple transgresses, he will summon the other disciples to observe the transgression so that they can draw lessons from it. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking further, Wiseman Daniel stated that many disciples were using their phones to commit all manner of atrocities, and because of that, pastor TB Joshua forbade the use of phones, and some people were not happy with it, and so they left the church.

According to him, “If you commit an offense, pastor TB Joshua will call a meeting so that everyone will hear what you did, so that they can become witnesses tomorrow, and many of us were not happy about that. Some were coughing on their phones, committing acts that I cannot say now, and because of that, pastor TB Joshua brought a law that nobody should use a phone anymore, so that he could save us from some unnecessary evil, and because of this, many people picked offense and left the church; they ganged up and became the event we are witnessing today (BBC documentary on TB Joshua).” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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