Suspect “I did not want to kill the wife, but she was around on that day I went to kill her husband”

The police have detained driver Jonathan Marcus for the savage murder of Adebola Ezekiel, 80, and his wife Abiodun, 79, in their Apo neighborhood of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. According to The Nation, the couple’s throats had been slashed by assailants brandishing daggers when they were discovered dead in their house. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Commissioner of Police for the FCT, Bennett Igweh, disclosed that the grisly incident occurred on April 1 at the couple’s residence in Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja. Marcus, along with other suspects, was paraded by Igweh.

In an interview with journalists, Marcus, a native of Maiduguri, recounted his motive for the murders. He explained that his longstanding association with the couple, whom he often drove around as a mechanic, turned sour due to financial dissatisfaction and work interference. Marcus alleged that despite his years of service, the husband failed to adequately compensate him, causing financial strain on his family.

Marcus elaborated, stating that his frustrations reached a boiling point when the couple impeded his ability to conduct his mechanic work and neglected his financial needs. He revealed that despite his grievances, the husband refused to acknowledge his plight, dismissing his concerns with religious platitudes.

Regarding the execution of the crime, Marcus admitted to using a knife to fatally wound the couple before absconding with the husband’s ATM card and wallet. He regretted killing the wife, saying, “I did not want to kill the wife, but she was around on that day I went to kill her husband.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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  1. He is just a Killer, that is not his first time he is a cold hearted, murderer he could have reported the case to Brekete Family or any other human rights organization he should be brought to justice

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