Survivor of Mangu crisis Manji describes how his Muslim neighbors also joined in burning houses

Survivor of Mangu crisis Manji reveals how his Muslim neighbors also joined in burning houses

Following the devastating deaths and extensive destruction of property associated with the Plateau State crisis, survivor Manji Le’an has described a terrifying incident in which neighbors banded together to assault their neighborhood during the unrest. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Le’an, who fled to Mangu town with his uncle after armed men attacked his hometown of Dungwel in December, reportedly voiced amazement and dismay at the current attacks in Mangu Local Government Area, according to a report by Vanguard.

He shared, “I thought I would find peace at my uncle’s place, but now his house has been burnt by our Muslim neighbors.”

Describing the distressing scene, Le’an revealed, “When we managed to escape, we saw his uncle’s neighbors celebrating that they had been burnt inside the house.”

The violence escalated, reaching areas like EKAN primary school, where, as Le’an stated, “our Muslim neighbors also joined in burning houses.”

“When the thing started in our area, we locked ourselves because we didn’t think they will want to harm us, but surprisingly, we heard our neighbours asking if we were in and when they confirmed it, they started throwing things on the zinc, breaking the windows as the rampaging youths approached.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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