Strike:The Nat’l Assembly cars that people are talking about, do they buy cars monthly?-According to Daniel Bwala

NLC: The Strike does not follow the due process of the Law - According to Daniel Bwala

In an interview with TVC News, legal practitioner and public affairs commentator, Daniel Bwala, advised realism in the ongoing labour union negotiations, emphasizing the impracticality of achieving the union’s monthly wage expectations.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bwala stated that aggregating the National Assembly’s budget wouldn’t suffice to meet the labour union’s requests, adding that expenditures like National Assembly cars are not regular expenses. He stated that even paying labour ₦1 million monthly would be appropriate, but highlighted the need for reality in discussions.

In his words;

“Without making a case for them, all these areas that they are mentioning are not monthly. For Example, the National Assembly cars that people are talking about, do they buy car every month? If you aggregate all the money of the National Assembly put together, it may not be enough to quantify what would have been in volume, what the Labour Union are asking, which is going to be paid monthly. Let’s be realistic. If we have th funds in my view, even paying Labour one million per month is not bad, but the point is that you have to be realistic”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>