Sowunmi ‘We Are Not Even Worried That Peter Obi In Such A Short Time Has That Kind Of Numbers’

Sowunmi 'We Are Not Even Worried That Peter Obi In Such A Short Time Has That Kind Of Numbers'

Segun Sowunmi, a PDP leader and former assistant to Atiku Abubakar, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the PDP, the main opposition party, for failing to pay attention to Peter Obi’s strong climb in the polls for 2023. He asserted that the Obedient movement might have acquired even more traction if there hadn’t been certain hurdles. He addressed the party’s election setbacks over the previous ten years, noting that they had lost three times in a row and stressing the nearly equal distribution of results, which reflects a 50/50 pattern between the ruling party and the PDP. CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He questioned the validity of using unreadiness for a position as an excuse, emphasizing that this rationale couldn’t persist into subsequent elections, including 2019 and even looking ahead to 2027. Furthermore, he raised the question of whether a political party as the PDP with a 25-year legacy should not be encouraged and supported in its efforts to undergo necessary reforms.

He said in an interview with AIT, ”We have lost three elections now. It’s almost like 50/50. So even if we were not ready for position in 2015, is it going to be the excuse in 2019? And if we get to 2027 wobbling and fumbling, is that going to be the excuse? We are not even worried that Peter Obi’s movement in such a short time has that kind of numbers. And which could have even been a lot more if we were not gaslighting them. And you think that a legacy party of 25 years old doesn’t deserve to be encouraged to be reformed.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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